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Derby Day (Bohs V Rovers 20/3/09)

March 27, 2009
Photograph, courtesy of Fergus McNally
After an uneventful draw with Derry City the previous week (apart from the usual boozing), we faced bitter rivals Shamrock Rovers in the big Dublin Derby. Well thats what it used to be before they moved out to Wicklow (well nearly). This week’s display involved a message banner in the crowd, Black writing on red, WE ARE BOHS and two banners with red writing on black, pitchside, NBB and BFC.

Rovers’ famous “Ultras” did very little for the game. They re-used a crowd cover that they used several times last season which had a giant Shamrock on a white background with roadsigns for Milltown Rd, where their old ground Glenamlure Park was situated and Whitestown Way, where their new council accomodation is. Considering the SRFC Ultras led the way for some years in terms of displays on the Irish scene, more would have been expected for their cup final.
Interestingly enough, though they had their biggest crowd to Dalymount in years, they made very little noise. So little in fact that we in the NBB, situated in section G of Dalymount’s Jodi stand, couldn’t hear a thing out of them. Best fans in Ireland my ass. I’m talking to you John Delaney.

As I mentioned the NBB was located in section G for this game. This was the first time we moved from our old home of the steps between F&G due to the proliferation of young teenagers using the spot as a dating service. The move worked well and the NBB played a considerable part in what was a much improved atmosphere from the last few games.

Stand out songs were “You’re just a small team from Wicklow” and “We’re from Dublin and we’re better than you” in obvious reference to the proximity of their new ground to the Wicklow border.

So with Rovers well and truly routed in the atmosphere stakes, the Bohs team duly obliged and dispatched their on field counterparts 2-0, a scoreline that could easily have been much bigger.

That was a cause for celebration and after multiple bottles of Becks, it was time for a few rounds of shots. Rovers, can we play you every week? Minnows.

On the road again (Away to Dundalk 6/3/09)

March 26, 2009

Before the season started a decision was made that the NBB would travel to away games independently this year. So after arranging a bus we were on the road to Dundalk.

Pretty uneventful journey up, we were in the ground in plenty of time for the game and ready to unfurl our first display of the season. Unfortunately there are no photos but the message in black paint on a white background read:


The story behind this goes as follows: Two season’s ago when current Dundalk boss Sean Connor was “managing” Bohs, we played Derry in the league cup final. The night before the game he gave the players an envelope each. All that was inside was Birmingham City headed paper with the words “Best wishes from Steve Bruce”. This was supposed to motivate the players. Of course we lost.

This was Connor’s first game back in management and as expected he made an absolute tit of himself. After Bohs had gone one up through Joey Ndo, Dundalk were denied  a penalty claim. Connor went ballistic and more or less attacked the fourth official, getting sent off in the process. On his way off, he tapped his back pocket at the Bohs fans, which was either a reference to the compo he got off the club for “unfair dismissal” or advise to head north of the border to go shopping in Asda. It could very well have been the latter, after all he’d just be doing his patriotic duty as a northerner.

Bohs players who were around under Connor had a good laugh at the banner as apart from a small clique, he was universally loathed by them.

The bus back was a bit more eventful than the way up. A few lads decided to head to the pub without telling anyone and delayed us leaving by a half hour. By this time the official club buses had left and it turned out our driver didn’t know where he was going. After forty minutes driving on Louth country roads we spotted the lights of Oriel park in the distance. We were back in Dundalk! There were a few more wrong turns before we were out of there.

Finally around midnight we got back to Dalyer to drink the night away (the game had finished at twenty past nine!).