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Who are we?


What are we? To be honest, we’re not sure if we really know ourselves. The Notorious Boo-Boys have been properly on the go now for 2 years. We started as an ultras group, intending on creating atmospheres that would inspire the team but unfortunately we could not predict what would happen within the league and in particular the ultras scene, if you can call it that. The word ultras became the cool thing to do and young teens all over Ireland decided they wanted to be seen to be cool. With bebo and various internet forums these mickey mouse “cool” kid groups were given a place to tell the world how cool they are.

We want to distance ourselves from the Irish ultras “scene”. We will do the same as what we have done since our setting up but now without the label of ultras. So what are we then? Well, we are Boo-Boys. We are a fans group, we go home and away, following Bohs wherever they go. We try to bring colour and an atmosphere to wherever we go.

We don’t go out to be the best or to impress anyone. We do what we do because we want to. We don’t go out to live up to any standard, to follow any rules or perceived way of doing things. We don’t answer to anyone, we do what we like.

We are just a fans group and it’s as simple as that. Sometimes we take things seriously but most of the time we don’t. We have a laugh as we travel Ireland and beyond following our club. We are the ones who are first in the bar and last to leave it, many times drink getting in the way of plans but do we care? Not really, everyone loves another drink.

We are independent, we have no membership structure and no rules. We are a group of lads that go together to Bohs matches with two aims; to create as good an atmosphere as we can and to drink.

We are Boo-Boys, seldom sober, always present.

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